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Studio Number 9

For our guests armed with cameras, the studio is where the magic happens. The space is full of character and comes equipped with comprehensive photographic lighting. Our editing suite contains Apple computers installed with industry essentials, such as Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. There is also a large format printer along with high quality printing media, ensuring that all the finishing touches can be taken care of during your stay.

If you don't have your own camera, don't worry. We have everything you need to create high-quality images, including Nikon Digital SLRs, flash triggers, lenses, flash guns, tripods and image cards. No matter what level you come to the studio, you will leave a confident and experienced Fine Art photographer!


As well as an assortment of sets and props, our studio offers a professional space in which your ideas can come to life. The photographic space features three sets which can be used interchangeably or all at once, and additional equipment including wind and fog machines enable you to create iconic effects with ease. 

As part of your studio experience, you will also access our ever-growing repertoire of professional models and a vast collection of tasteful vintage fashion in which they can be dressed. Whether you're looking for a Victorian bustle dress, a 20's flapper number - or nothing but some exotic body jewellery - John's collection spans many eras and is in plentiful supply. 

Venturing beyond the house, we take the experience outdoors to a range of stunning nearby locations including grand chateaux, crumbling castle ruins and scenic lake vistas. When shooting on-location, we prepare a delightful picnic for the whole crew to enjoy. You can view more examples of our favourite models and outdoor locations in John's portfolio

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